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Growing old can make you nostalgic and melancholic, it’s no wonder that growing-old millennials are bringing back the music and aesthetics from their young years, the 2000s, home of pioneering reality tv, rising fast fashion and declining MTV. Revival, as always, can be painfully delightful, or delightly painful, you choose. But above sentimentality, looking back…

Fangirls, de Hannah Ewens

Fangirls : Scenes From Modern Music Culture (pas traduit en français) est un bijou de non-fiction pop, dans la forme et dans l’âme. Sa jaquette holographique est tout simplement irrésistible, les histoires qu’il contient sont divertissantes, très informatives, racontées avec ironie, perspicacité et sensibilité. L’autrice, Hanna Ewens, anciennement éditrice pour Vice UK, est allée à…

I watched Gladiator for the first time and I was high on magic truffles.

My boyfriend won space truffles on a website, so we ate them with M&Ms, while sipping Martinis.  That’s our idea of a fun Saturday night at home, I guess. I’ll tell you what happened next. It takes a full hour before the trip starts – we checked on the website, where there’s an accurate description…

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